Some of you know I’ve lost some weight since July 20, 2010.  Three weeks ago I had lunch with a friend who hadn’t seen me in over a year.  It was cool watching him do double takes!  He kept saying, “Dude!  I can’t believe that’s you!”  (I have a spiritual point to make… just stay with me).  To Lose Weight do this:  1) Decrease caloric intake, 2) Increase Activity!  Simple… straight-forward… cheap (Walking & jogging).  That is from my “Health & Ministry” class in Seminary 25 years ago.

Bodily transformations are most easily seen on The Biggest Loser.  Check these out…

  The most recent biggest loser lost (I think) 220 pounds!  That got me thinking about heaven.  While I do believe we will know each other, I think there will be some shocking surprises when we finally see each other IN HEAVEN.  Let me explain…

On earth we are horribly ravaged by sin and it’s effects.  We have visible imperfections we’re all too aware of.  A slightly lazy eye… an unsightly mole… hair loss… one ear higher than the other… a disproportioned body… body mass… an eye that periodically twitches… fingers that tremble… wrinkles and scars (Those are all me).  Then there are imperfections that are not so easily seen at first glance… an odd sounding voice, character flaws, propensity toward melancholy, personality imperfections, pride, and things we do that get on people’s nerves (Me again).

But one day… OH what a great and marvelous day… ONE DAY we will all “Be changed!”  In more ways than just from flesh to spirit.  We will be like Jesus in all His glorious perfection!  The transformation will be absolutely complete in every conceivable way… and then some!  We will be our PERFECT selves, unmarred by sin, without so much as a single blemish or spot.  As will everyone else in heaven.

In heaven I imagine it will be 10,000 x 10,000 x 10,000 times what people say who knew us as a small child, then don’t see us until we’re in our 20s… “Oh my!  It IS you!  Wow have you changed a LOT!  Last time I saw you was when you were 5!  You are so handsome (Pretty).  If you hadn’t told me who you are I wouldn’t have recognized you!”

That day is coming… in heaven… for all who know Christ.  That day will be when all things will be made new (Perfect)!  On that day we will finally fulfill ALL that God intends us to be… FOREVER.