Sunday Piccy

Interesting picture.  Long lines outside stores in America for “Black Friday” sales.  American churches in America virtually empty for worship.  And in Africa people walk for hours to hear the Word of God proclaimed.  Actions speak louder than words and a picture is worth 1,000 words.

Where are American’s priorities?

Will Alabama or Notre Dame be the national champions?  Will we fall off the fisical cliff?  Republicans try to regain relevance after losing the presidential election.  Oh… here’s a big one: Who will coach which team in the SEC?  America chose a man to lead the nation who supports murdering babies and same sex marriage.  Last… People pay hundreds to thousands of dollars to go to ball game, but can’t get up to worship God on Sunday?! 

If we don’t get the incongruity of those things, we’re in worse shape than we want to admit.  And what do preachers proclaim from the pulpit?  “How To Have Your Best Life Now,”  “God’s Plan For Success,” and all other kinds of drivil being passed off as preaching God’s Word.

As goes the pulpit… so goes American (Not withstanding God’s providence and sovereignty).

What is church supposed to be about?  Glorifying God.  Proclaiming the Gospel.  Discipling believers.  Prayer.  Godly fellowship.  There are too many things taking place in church that aren’t about the kingdom… and I lay it at the Under-shepherd’s (Pastors) doorstep.

Maybe if the people… God’s people… pressed the preacher for Acts 2:42 type things the church would change.  If the church changes… maybe the community would change.  If the community would change… then the city, state, and country would change.