The church is full of all kinds of people who are “different.”  Some churches of full of one kind of person… and that is good!  Some are full of another kind… and that is sad.  Every church has more of one than another… there is a mixture of wheat AND tares… sheep AND goats (We CAN’T say which is which… only God knows.).

However… there is one person that I pray every church has more of than another (And every church DOES have them!).  The kind of person I’m talking about is Bill.  Bill is a member of every church… including the one I shepherd now.  In fact, there are a number of “Bills” at HBC… some are men, some are women.  Let me describe Bill to you…

Bill is a saint of 93 years.  He is the consummate encourager.  His speech and life exude grace, compassion, and mercy.  Every person in the church loves and respects him… without exception.  He is kind… loving… and humble.  He constantly writes notes and makes phone calls to build up those who are struggling.  His mind is sharp, his body is wearing out.  He prays faithfully.  One thing is legendary about Bill… he had a high-school love, infatuation, and joy for his precious wife!

Let me relate one story to you about Bill…

There was a funeral for a member of HBC. The interment took place at Elmwood Cemetery, 100 yards from the road. The service was about to start… but there was one person who hadn’t made it to the graveside yet. It was Bill. Everyone watched as Bill got out of his car… stood behind his walker… and slowly navigated 100 yards around gravestones, flower arrangements, and shrubbery to be with the family. He apologized for making everyone wait. What Bill didn’t know was he brought a smile to everyone watching him. What Bill didn’t know is that his presence that day was an act of love and sacrifice that blessed every person present. That wouldn’t have crossed Bill’s mind… he just wanted to be there for a grieving family.

Every pastor would love to have a church full of men and women like Bill.  Every pastor prays to be more like Bill.  Every Christian should strive to be more like Bill because he is so like his Lord Jesus Christ.

God bless you Bill… and all the Bills in every church!