I’ve written a lot about churches and the struggles they have recently.  Now let’s go through a thought experiment together.  Would you want to be with a group of Christians who or where…

The first and most important thing really is to glorify and honor God in everything?

When you leave after worship you know you have been in God’s presence?  A place where you sense the presence of God’s Spirit by the spirit, conduct, and attitude of those who are present?

The Word of God is preached with passion and clarity in love.  Then when you leave worship, you can say honestly “It has been good to be in the House of the Lord?”

Each time you assemble there is joy, happiness, and peace among the whole group?

People really are of one mind, do agree, and there is no arguing or dissension of any kind, and gossip is not tolerated?

Missions, evangelism, and ministry is the passion of everyone? People really do love, accept and affirm one another?  Where everyone ministers to one another and builds each other up?  Forgiveness, grace, and mercy flows from everyone to everyone else?

You know you are loved, accepted, and affirmed by everyone else… even when you make mistakes?

The staff really does love, support, encourage, and help one another?

Would you want to be a part of a fellowship that really is like that?!  I attended a church this past weekend (CrossPoint Church) where those things are true.  I have seen it.  Those kind of churches are out there.  CrossPoint Church’s pastor is Dr. Ryan Whitley and they are reaching “Just One More” for God’s glory.  They have three worship services and three Sunday Schools with a total in attendance of close to 1,000 every Sunday.  The dynamics taking place there have little to do with location… buildings… or any of the other things people try to say are the reason some churches grow.  It has to do with the choices they’ve made about being faithful to God’s requirements for churches and how the church is to function.

Tomorrow… God willing… I will blog about things God’s people can do that result in a congregation like described above.  No church is perfect, but it is possible to strive to do church the way it is found in Scripture.  CrossPoint is not a perfect church… but they sure are doing a lot of things right from my perspective as one who is on the outside looking in!