I once made the mistake of asking my wife what I could do to help her while she went grocery shopping.  Instead of telling me the obligatory “Oh nothing…” she said… “Well… you can clean the refrigerator.”  I gasped in horror… but carried out my assigned duty.

After emptying the contents I followed my wife’s directions to get a sponge and a bucket of water with a special cleaner in it.  I was to wipe down the insides after removing the shelves.  Aside: This next part may sound simplistic, but it was profound for me. 

bucket sponge.jpgI found out that I had to regularly dip my sponge in the bucket of water or else it wouldn’t clean very well.  The dryer the sponge, the less effective it was.  Then the light went on for me and my daily walk.  If I let my spirit go dry… if I don’t continually dip it in the “water” of the word and prayer… I become ineffective.

Then I started looking around and have come to the conclusion that there are many Christians who aren’t dipping their sponge in the water of the Word.  I have mused that could be the reason for frustration with life and feeling burned out.  I personally don’t think a person can go on one dip a week in the water and stay spiritually healthy!

Thus my encouragement is for us to regularly… daily… throughout the day to return to the well that springs up within us.  That is the only way we’ll stay fresh… strong… and wise.