ArrestThese posts are for Christians to reflect and come to know better some of the events that resulted in their salvation. I pray you will reflect on each one as part of the salvation story.

Supper is over. No more singing. Prayers have ceased. Now begins the most intense twelve or so hours humanity has ever known. Judas’ betrayal is in full swing as he leads upwards of 600 or so men with weapons to arrest Jesus. Many of these men were battle hardened Roman soldiers. Some were religious leaders jealous of Jesus. Judas walks up to Jesus and kisses him on the cheek to identify who was to be arrested. This was a confrontation of immense proportions, both human and spiritual. From the human view, Jesus was outnumbered. From a spiritual view, those sent to arrest Jesus were outnumbered. And both were manifested.

When Jesus identified himself, in a flash, the arresting party was so surprised they all fell backwards to the ground! What happened? Did they all for a milli-second behold the glory of Christ? Were they laid low by God in Jesus’ presence? We don’t know, but once they got up to arrest Jesus he requested the others be freed.

Peter springs into action by cuting off Malchus’ ear. Peter was probably trying to cut his head off, but Malchus ducked just enough that instead of decapitating him, just the ear was severed. At this point Jesus rebukes Peter affirming that the arrest was part of God’s plan for redemption. And so Jesus heals Malchus by reattaching his ear. Then Jesus was taken into custody with all the Apostles (Jesus’ best friends) running in abject fear for their lives. One was so afraid his clothes were torn from him and he fled naked. The dye was cast in eternity past for every event to transpire just as it would to secure salvation for all who would believe… to the glory of God.