This post is more about how I process life than making a point for others to consider (Obligatory caveat). There are a few passages of Scripture that in the last few years I’ve HAD to learn to embrace. Why do I say that? Because life doesn’t happen the way I want, hope, desire, or plan. And if you’re honest, you may have agree with me.

Over the course of 25 years in ministry, and life events prior to that, AND seeking God to understand life in terms of God… I’ve come up with the following for contemplation… (The texts are important to contemplate):

Every hurt, joy, disappointment, blessing, & pain in life is placed there by a loving God who wills only the absolute best for his own, now & forever (Ps 84:11; Is 46:9-10; Ro 8:18, 31b-32, 37-39). God’s goal is not so much ease & comfort in this life as it is His glory (Is 48:11) and the strength of his children’s faith (Lk 22:31-32). God never allows anything into His children’s life that is anything but good in His all wise knowledge (Ro 8:28). God is so determined to make His children like His Son he does not leave it to chance, but wills it without any possibility of failure (Ro 8:29). Therefore, everything the Christian experiences is ultimately good, increases joy, lays up treasure in heaven, & is to be understood in these contexts (Ro 8:31-32).

Give the above, is it right to embrace that God is in control of life events? And if He is (He is by the way), then what good does it do to worry or be anxious over WHATEVER happens?! Is it not better to trust God regardless of whatever happens? In my little world, I suggest that Ps 84:11 and all the other passages mean God is ALWAYS doing what is best… right… and good for us! ALWAYS. As John Newton wrote, “Take God at His Word.”

No… it isn’t always easy, but it is best to “Take God At His Word.” Regardless of what happens… regardless of our perspective… no matter what we think in our puny little human minds… God IS trustworthy in all things.