ps-blog  I got this email from a friend who has been dealing with some major problems in their life.

   I would like to tell you how much your advice on reading the Psalms helped since my problems began.  I have read the Psalms through 3 times using the formula you suggested.  Each time I unlined with a different color pencil.  Many times I would just reread the unlined areas.  I used color posted tabs to mark the passages that spoke loudest to me.  It would take more time than you and I have to tell you of all the answers the Lord gave through the Psalms.

  Before you think I did anything spectacular, know that all I did was pass along a system of reading through the Psalms that Billy Graham has used for years.  I’ll explain it below, but first a word of encouragement…

  When life gets tough and it seems there are few answers… When your parachute didn’t open and you’re praying the reserve chute will deploy before you hit the ground… I believe God has given us exactly what we need during those times in His Word.  His help is found by reading the though Psalms.

  Believers over the centuries have found hope, help, and encouragement in this Book of THE Book (The Bible).  When you are struggling, afraid, fearful, angry, hurt, or needing direction… one of the best things you can do is focus on God by reading the Psalms.  When you do that, you will understand what my friend wrote as I quoted above.

  Here’s what Billy Graham suggests:

  Take the day of the month (Today is April 26th) and read that Psalm.  Then add 30 to it and read that Psalm (The 56th).  Then add 30 and read that Psalm (86th).  Add 30 again (Read the 116th).  Add 30 one more time and read that Psalm (146th).  In the course of a month you will have read all 150 Psalms.

  Additional suggestions:  1) Your goal is to hear from and/or encounter God… not get through all the chapters for that day.  If you camp out in one chapter and miss the other 3 or 4, big deal!  It’s more important to hear from The Father than finish all 5 chapters.  2) Read two chapters in the morning, one at lunch, and two at night.  3) Either keep a journal or underline passages that God uses to encourage you.  Put a date by them.  4) Meditate throughout the day on those passages that are of special help and share them with others when you have opportunity.

  Aside: Here is Billy Graham’s complete Devotional Bible Reading plan.  1) He reads through the Psalms every month.  2) He reads a chapter in Proverbs a day {Corresponding to the day of the month.  So he’d read Chapter 26 today.}.  3) He reads a Gospel every week.  4) He reads the Bible through every year.  Thought: Is it any wonder Dr. Graham is the Godly man that He is?!