Enemy Button.jpgWho is out to get you?  Who was it that hurt you in the past?  Who is it that is against you every time you turn around?  Who is that thorn in your side?  Who is your ENEMY?

In this post I’m providing a link to a short study I wrote just before I came to Woodward Avenue Baptist Church titled “Enemies As Emissaries of God’s Grace.”  Click here to read it.  Aside: This is the follow up post I promised on April 19th when I mentioned enemies are some of my best friends.

I have come to a conclusion over the last 3 1/2 years… God uses people that I sometimes perceive as my enemies to bring about in me a work of grace that wouldn’t take place any other way!  God uses people to make me more like Jesus while they think they are hurting me, tearing me down, or otherwise doing things that cause me emotional pain (At times I’ve deserved what they’ve done).  In short, my supposed enemies are in reality the best frieds I have! 

I’m still working to get my arms around this because from time to time I forget what I wrote.  But deep in my heart, because I firmly believe in the complete sovereignty of God, I do believe God uses enemies to help me.  In fact, they are some of the best friends I have.  HONEST!

Here is a portion of what is found in the study…

  If I keep a heavenly perspective and believe Romans 8:28, enemies are not really enemies… they are some of the best friends I have.  What is sometimes meant by some to hurt actually helps bring about a work of grace in me that wouldn’t take place any other way.  It has been said that if it takes an enemy to tell you the truth, then you have no friends (Compare with Proverbs 17:17; 18:24; & 27:6).  That is a true statement.

Hope you find this challenging, interesting, and encouraging.