fbtWhen’s the last time you wrote a letter… WROTE a letter… to a friend or family? When was the last time you visited personally… PERSONALLY, with friend or neighbor? Have you recently called someone JUST TO TALK TO THEM?

Facebook and Twitter have/are destroying the old, time tested, interpersonal relationship thing. The fact is we are cocooning in our homes with our faces buried in a cell phone more than we interact with people substantially. As a wise lady once said, “People matter!” Clicking “Like” is nothing compared to telling a person yourself that you are glad they are your friend face to face… personallly!

If a person really cares about you, they will do more than send a text or click like on facebook, they will interact with you PERSONALLY. They will call… write a note… or drop in unexpectedly. And can I be so bold as to suggest the same for us? That WE call… write a note or letter… or drop in on a friend?

One day God won’t ask us how many tweets we’ve sent (Few really care what you’re eating or where you are or who you’re with at any given time) we sent or how many times we clicked “like.” He will examine how many times we encouraged others personally by going what is now the extra mile of a PERSONAL contact… face to face, voice to voice, pen to paper.

What if we would write a letter… not just a note. What if we all visited someone… or invited them over for dinner (Supper if you live in Alabama)? After all… people are important. Jesus proved it by dying on the cross from them.