joemckeeverBelow are seven things Joe McKeever suggests churches consider before asking a pastor to resign.  Click here to read the entire article which is full of practical wisdom.

1. Are you doing this in obedience to Christ… or is this just something you want done?

2. Are you willing to stand before the Lord at judgment and take full responsibility for doing this?

3. Have you brought in outside counsel? (More than one person)

4. Has the pastor been able to present his side of the matter before a responsible, non-judgmental group?

5. Have you checked your church’s constitution and by-laws to make sure you are doing things right? NOTE: I would add, have you searched the Scriptures to honor God in the process? A good start is The Golden Rule. RE

6. Have you rushed into this?

7. Are you willing to tell the full story to the next pastor you consider bringing in?

His concluding comment: So, church leader, think this thing through. What kind of church do you want yours to become?

Having served several churches that fired the pastor prior to me, I understand Mr. McKeever’s thoughts. I’ve had men who were part of forcing a pastor to resign that deeply regretted their conduct later. Oh if we all would take more time to search the Scriptures and pray for God’s direction before we act we’d all be much better off and the church would not get a black eye in the world.

My purpose in posting this is that hopefully some may read Mr. McKeever’s article while considering seriously his points.