I know THE way to lose weight… improve your cholesterol & blood sugar… AND IT’S FREE!  Consider this from a person I know who was in their 50s.  In July of 2011 he told me he weighed 252… LDL was 251… Triglycerides were 443… HDL was 33… A1C was 8.6 (Measure of blood sugar)… average 3 month blood sugar was 300+.

One year later, weight was down to 216… LDL is 83… Triglycerides are 121… HDL is 44 (Good cholesterol)… A1C is 6.2… average 3 month blood sugar was 131.

What did this person do?  Exercised by walking 3 to 5 times a week for 45 minutes and changed eating patterns to be more healthy.  Nothing drastic… just decent good sense stuff.  Things everyone KNOWS that it takes to be healthy.

Cost… FREE No gym membership.  No purchasing diet meals.  No Weight Watchers membership.  Didn’t buy Total Gym, Thigh Master, or things you hold and shake.  No P90x… Insanity… Sweating To The Oldies or any other aerobic program.

Here’s what it takes for a person to make a change… ANY kind of change.  They have to be either scared… mad… or both.  Scared of dying from a heart attack or diabetes.  Mad that they look horrible when overweight and/or fat.

Oh… there is ONE motivator that is better than fear or anger… LOVE.  When a person knows they are loved, they will want to please that person.  Thus when a person KNOWS the love of Jesus on the cross they are DRAWN to Him rather than being scared of hell.