Yesterday’s post was not the most positive I’ve written.  I was struggling because for two weeks I’d been a close witness to more pain and brokenness than ever before in that period of time.  Emotionally, physically, and spiritually I was running very low… VERY low… and it showed in what I wrote.  Then something happened 30 minutes ago from this writing (3:30 PM, Wednesday, August 31st) that was a God moment.

The phone rang in my study.  I answered it and a member of Huffman Baptist did something that had never happened to me in 20+ years of ministry.  She told me the Lord had impressed upon her to call and pray for me!  She called to pray for ME!  I have had people pray for me after I prayed with them… but no church member had ever called just for the purpose of asking me how they could pray for me… AND THEN ACTUALLY PRAY FOR ME!  I was humbled by this precious soul…

After relating to her my two week’s experiences and mentioning a few other things, she prayed one of the most godly prayers I’ve ever heard.  It was from the depths of her heart.  It was genuine.  It was softly spoken… with tears… and one of the most beautiful things I’ve ever heard.  And when she finished I was reminded that God answers our prayers BEFORE we pray them (CLICK HERE and HERE).

I needed strength… encouragement… affirmation… a blessing.  I hadn’t formally asked God for it and hadn’t even thought that I needed to ask God for those things.  But HE knew I need them.  So He impressed on one of His children to pick up the phone… call their pastor… and pray for him.  That phone call and prayer was a GOD MOMENT!

I won’t tell who it was because I don’t want her to lose her reward.  But know this… our God does care about what we are dealing with.  He is always quick to provide what we need exactly when we need it.  He is never late.  He is God.  And He alone is worthy of our worship, praise, and adoration!

“God thank you for M (not her real initial).  Bless her as You used her to bless me…”