contradictionKJV only, or another translation? Baptism by sprinkling or immersion? Predestination or free will? Baptism after salvation or infant baptism?

What will you do when God contradicts something you believe is true about Him or His Word? Are you willing to let go of something you’ve believed is true when one day God shows you your error in His Word?

By definition something we believe IS true for us. If it wasn’t true to us, we wouldn’t believe it. When there is a different view from what WE believe, we either: 1) Discount it, 2) Attack it, or 3) Have a crisis of faith. The more subjective we hold a belief the less likely we are to modify it {“I just KNOW IN MY HEART I am right!”}. When a belief is subjective rather than objective, it will be held on to in the face of overwhelming information because it is too traumatic to admit wrong… that WE have been wrong (About anything… especially doctrine or Scripture).

Those “crisis of faith” events are hard… difficult… disconcerting… and traumatic. Moving from a long held belief to anything different is not easy. This is because we are all guilty of ASSUMED OMNISCIENCE (That WE are all knowing… always right). We also tend to seek the approval of people we want to like us… we want them to believe like we do and us like them (DANGEROUS!). So when someone we deeply respect believes differently from us, it can be disconcerting. After all, it is difficult to doubt our doubts… especially when someone we respect disagrees with us.

Think about this: When you are secure and confident in your belief, a contradiction will not turn your world upside down! You won’t feel a deep need to correct them and agree with you! You won’t vilify the person who disagrees with you or feel the need to demean them to others.

The Pharisees were contradicted by God… that the Messiah must suffer, die, and be resurrected… and they couldn’t accept it. What is there we can’t accept… that raises our blood pressure when someone disagrees with us… that makes us feel threatened… THAT JUST MIGHT BE TRUE?