God CareFlash: God is not concerned with our physical and emotional comfort as much as he is his own glory, being worshiped, and trusted. In other words, life is about God… not us. Many will agree intellectually, but emotionally and pragmatically they live otherwise.

Solving life’s problems is less important than knowing God better. Thus, when it comes to the stresses of life, which is more important to YOU, immediate comfort or holiness? Here is an important truth, theology (What you believe about God) only becomes rich when it survives the onslaught of pain. Yet for too many IN THE CHURCH, feeling better has become more important than knowing God. They don’t really believe that they exist for God but rather God exists for their comfort, joy, and giving them things.

Maybe… just maybe… GOD is the one causing stress in your life SO THAT you will let go of your idols and seek him with all your heart. Maybe GOD is the one causing your life frustration because what your heart wants is not his will for your life. Maybe if you would “seek FIRST the Kingdom of God and His righteousness” by becoming one who “hungers and thirsts for righteousness” you would finally be filled.

Just a thought…