There are some things nobody wants to know because to find them out would mean: 1) Having to deal with the issue instead of ignoring it, and 2) Knowing the truth about ourselves would be too painful.  Most of us fall into the category that Jack Nicholson described in the movie A Few Good Men, “You can’t handle the truth!”

What are the things we don’t want to know?  The first is what people really think about us.  Second… the blind spots in our life that are character flaws.  Third… how far we have to go to be conformed to the image of Christ.

Our friends know them… but they won’t tell us.  Our parents know them too… but we didn’t listen to them when they tried to tell us.  Truth be told, we have a pretty good idea oursleves, but ignore our conscious because we’d rather stay as we are than change.

Three thoughts… 1) God will not allow us to continue in ignorance of our flaws.  He WILL put us through whatever it takes to get rid of those things and confrom us to the image of Christ.  2) Thought 1 applies to every Christian without exception.  3) This process is painful at first, but yields peace for those who are trained by it (Vs 11 in the link).

Our call is to participate with God in His white knuckle honesty.  Either we will participate willingly, or God will force his loving discipline upon us for our good in order to conform us to the image of Christ.  Know this… God’s work to conform Christians to the image of Christ is not an option.  God will do it!

Conclusion: When adversity or difficulty comes into your life, ask this question first… “God, what is it you are doing to make me more like your Son?”  (Aside: Do NOT assume “Satan is out to get you.”  That is probably NOT the case!).

God’s will is for every Christian to be more like Jesus every day.  The result of that is His glory and our blessing.  The question is how much do we want the same thing God wants…