How cool would it be to see Bible places from the comfort of your home computer?!  I found a website that is able to do just that.  You enter in a Bible text… scroll down to where a word is highlighted and underlined… click on that word… and it shows you a satallite image of the place!  Click here to try it.

  You can download and install “Google Earth” (It’s free!) and see a satallite picture of your home and virtually any place on earth.

  A few months ago I spent one evening at home finding all the places Pam and I have lived… each church I’ve served as pastor… our honeymoon site… where the kids were born… where I attened seminary… and a number of other places of interest to me and my family.

  It is amazing that you can find just about any notable place on the globe and then see a satallite image of it!  I hope when you have a few minutes with nothing to do you take a look at the Bible places and then download Google Earth to journey to a few of your sites of interest.

Who knows what technology will have for us in the next few years to decades!