Elite 8 Drew Towel1.jpg  The picture says it all… disappointment.  Muscle Shoals lost to Decatur in the Northwest Regional Elite Eight Final game last Friday by a score of 70-43.

  But along the way the MSHS Trojans left their mark.  This year they tied the school record for the most wins (26).  Not only that, but 5 of their 6 losses are to teams in the final four of 6-A {2 to Austin} and Decatur (3 losses) for 5-A; They won the Times Daily Tournament for the first time; And they won three successive tournaments (Shoals Invitational; Times Daily; Colbert County) for the first time in school history.

  But the one thing that struck me this year about these young men was that they played as a team the whole year.  Never once did I see them getting angry with each other or arguing while on the court (Which I couldn’t say about several other teams we played).  Even when they were down and things were tough, never did they lose their patience with each other while on or off the court.  And I’ve come to the conclusion that the attitude they had was a direct result of the influence of their coaching staff.

  Several of they young men on the team are members of WABC along with the head coach.  And as I reflect back on the year I can say that they all lived out Philippians 1:27… even in defeat.  Personally I am pround of the whole group and will carry fond memories of this year on the court.

  Years from now each of those young men will remember this season.  They have built memories that they will tell their kids and grandkids about.  They have nothing to hang their head over and everything to rejoice in for they played their best and reflected Christ in the middle of difficult times.

  Way to go guys!  All of Muscle Shoals is proud of and for you!