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Here’s the truth about how some people choose a congregation to attend (No particular order):

Upbeat, high energy, contemporary music.

It’s the newest cool place to be.

Their friends attend there… (This is #1)

Low expectations from the congregation (Not named overtly, but this is true)

Conversely here are some reasons people don’t attend some congregational gatherings (No particular order):

They do NOT like controversy, bickering, and fussing or being judged by members.

They do not like unfriendly environments or people. Just saying “Hello!” and shaking their hand isn’t the definition of being friendly…

The sermon is either boring, too long, or both.

And I know one more thing, there are many¬†Christians who have been and are looking for a place to worship with other believers, and they’re being disappointed. They want true Christian friends, they want to hear God’s Word preached, they want to worship God in Spirit & truth… but are just not finding it. When they pray… look diligently… and come up disappointed… they get disheartened, give up, and many walk away. Why?

They refuse to be in the midst of all the gossip, politics, and fussing on Sunday that they have to put up with Monday to Friday.

They refuse to feel like they’ve wasted two hours of their time for a religious service that does not magnify they true greatness and wonder of Jehovah God. They don’t like “Church Lite.”

They refuse to listen to religious stories and comedic one liners in place of a message from God and His Word. NOTE: People have high expectations for those who stand to proclaim God’s Word.

So what’s the answer? Check back Friday, God willing.