Today, Sunday is pretty much the same as Saturday for most people… including Christians.  There are runs to Wal-Mart, house cleaning, washing the car, yard work, catching up on unfinished business from work, taking in a game or two on TV, hunting, fishing, and a host of other things we do with what has become to be considered “free time.”  But I must ask, is the Sabbath “free time” for us to do any and everything but work?

It is written in Exodus 20:2, 8…

I am the Lord your God, who who brought you out of the land of Egypt, out of the house of slavery (New Testament term is… “I saved you.”).  8 Remember the Sabbath day, to keep it holy.

It is interesting that the Ten Commandments were given to Israel AFTER God delivered them from Egyptian bondage.  It was because God delivered them that they were to keep His commandments.  The same is true for New Covenant believers in Christ.  Because God saved us, we keep the commandments… not visa versa.  Now to discuss the Sabbath…

I suggest that the Sabbath (Sunday for believers) is not a day where we’re free to do whatever we’d like as long as we’re not doing “work” (Which people define liberally).  Instead it is a time that is to be kept holy (Separate, different, not the same as other days).  Keeping the Sabbath holy is an integral element in our spiritual health and well being.  Unless we keep it holy, as God would have us to, I’m not sure we can be rejuvinated in the inner man as God intends (Nor is He honored).

To keep the Sabbath holy, here are a few suggestions (Any and/or all are good)…

Spend time taking in God’s creation… praising Him for what He has made.

Read Psalm 119 slowly… reflecting upon God’s truths.

Spend time reflecting upon God’s grace and blessings in your life… especially salvation.

Spend time in prayer… communing with and listening to God.

Spend time meditating on a portion of God’s Word that is new to you.

Take time to pray for God’s glory in the church you attend… for the staff… for God to send revival.

Find a way to do an act of kindness and/or love for someone who needs it (Shut in, hospital, nursing homes).

Make sure that you worship IN church with God’s people on the Sabbath (Radio and/or TV don’t count… unless you are completely homebound.  Neither does it count to say you did this in the woods or on the lake!).

Pray specifically for the spiritual health and growth of your family and friends.  Don’t forget to ask God to grow you spiritually… to make you more like Christ.

As you make it a weekly practice to keep the Sabbath holy, you will find God renews you in the inner man… your spirit.