Just about every day I drive down Avalon.  Yesterday I noticed something was different.  Something that had been there was no longer there.  It was gone.  And it wasn’t something as small as a mailbox or a stop sign.  No… it was bigger.  In fact it was something huge.  It was a landmark that had been there for years.  It was at least four or five stories tall.  It was a water tower!

It was on the corner of Avalon where I turn to go to the football practice field.  The place where I coached the 7th & 8th Grade Middle School football team last fall.  That means for August through November I turned right by that water tower five days a week.  Then at some point after that it was taken down.

So when I realized yesterday (May 15, 2007) that it was no longer there, I was shocked.  Then it got worse when I was told they took it down last fall.  LAST FALL! (Update: I have found out it was removed in December of 2006.).

How could I have missed that happening?  There’s no way they did it in one day or on a weekend.  It had to have taken at least a week… right?  So how could something so huge… so big… so obvioius to everyone else have been missed by me until months AFTER it was taken down?  I don’t know…

If you have an idea of how I missed it, tell me either at church… by email… phone call… or someway because I think I may be slipping.