There is evidence of The Creator God all around us… if we’ll look and listen.  Most recently I “heard God” as I listened to Cello Suite No.1 Prelude by Bach (Thanks to my son Britton).  I don’t know if the composer (J.S. Bach),  the performer (Mischa Maisky), or the one who listens to the piece is more blessed by God in what I hope you’ll watch and listen to.  I think the order is: 1) The listener {Probably because I can’t do the other tw0}, 2) Bach, since his work is being played for centuries, 3) Then the performer.

This may seem odd to some, but as I listened to this piece over and over I began to equate life with what I was hearing… specifically with God in mind.  I equate my life timeline with the music in a way (I know… a little odd maybe.  Just thoughts I had in my own little world).  Bottom line, I love listening to this, for in it… I hear my Creator.  As Bach wrote on each piece of music he wrote… “SDG” (Sola Deo Gloria).


Today people where I live are being warned again of potential violent weather (Tornados).  I can’t help but pray and wonder if there are souls living as I write this that might be in eternity by midnight.  That’s a sobering thought I hope doesn’t happen… or if it does, I pray that it be Christians who die instead of unbelievers.  The media has been in hyper-drive warning people about the coming storm… while the greater storm of entering eternity without Christ is on my mind.  Look around you today with an eye to share the Gospel.  We never know when the morning we wake up may be the one that ushers us into God’s presence… or it could happen to someone we know.