I read something on Darryl Dash’s blog last week that got me thinking.  My thoughts play off a quote he posted.  Consider that Jesus was straight forward in what he did and taught.  He was revolutionary and was anything but boring during his approximately three years of ministry.

Boring people don’t get run out of towns… they don’t become the center of controversy… they don’t get arrested… they don’t get crucified.  And their followers don’t have the same things happen to them for the following 2,000 years after they lived on earth! 

Consider how confrontational what He said was… (Be sure to click the links for Scripture references).

Jesus taught if a person loves Him they WILL keep His commandments

Jesus taught to love your enemy, pray for them, and do good to them.  That excludes doing (Or not doing) something that could harm or hurt them in any way.

 Jesus taught if a person divorces and remarries… except for sexual immorality… they commit adultery.

Jesus taught too many are more concerned with their own traditions than the commands of God.

Jesus taught to treat others the way you want to be treated.  And that does NOT depend on how they treat you…

 Jesus taught people it is proper to at least give 10% of their money to the kingdom… but that’s just a starting point (Widow).

Jesus taught that just looking on a person with lustful thoughts is adultery.  I think that would include movies, TV, and magazines…

 Jesus didn’t mind directly confronting hypocrisy and heresy head on.

Jesus didn’t mind tearing down false religion in the face of those who practiced it.

When Christ’s doctrine is looked at closely, it is no wonder he was run out of towns… vilified by many… laughed at… considered crazy by his own family… and was eventually killed.  His words were strong… powerful… and loving.