Suffer JoySuffering is the Gospel.  Suffering is how the Gospel is spread.  Suffering is inevitable in everyone’s life especially for Christians.  Yet Christians are to rejoice always!  In Scripture Christians are encouraged to be joyful while in the midst of difficulty!

I’ve been working on something for my kids called, “The Joyful Supremacy of Christ in Suffering.”  I want them to be able to understand and process suffering in a manner that glorifies God and results in joy for them and their family.  I want others to see the differece Christ makes in them as they suffer so that they can share the Gospel of Jesus Christ when asked, and comfort others in their suffering.

Also, I need to be reminded of some basic truths when I have a minor struggle or two myself.

I’ve worked my thoughts into four messages that (God willing) I will present to a congregation in February.  The sessions are titled (Click on each one to read it):

God’s Promises

God’s Providence

God’s Pawn (Satan)

God’s Provisions