Kara Nix is a precious young lady who attends WABC.  She is quite young as she is just starting the third grade.  Several times after worship she has come up to me and given me something she’s drawn while listening to the message.  This is significant as most adults tend to think that kids (Specially very yong ones) don’t get much out of a message that is geared more for adults in the twenty-something and up age range.  But such is not the case for Kara!

Here are two pictures she has recently given me which I’d like to briefly comment on…

Kara Nix 06 2007 J.JPG

Kara Nix 2007 07 01 J.JPG











I’m not sure Kara had the thoughts in mind that I will write about, but regardless of that, her artwork points to some solid theological truths. 

I take the first picture as a letter where she affirms the importance of God (Thus “GOD!”) and Jesus (Thus “JESUS!”) in life.  There is no need for great theological statements about soteriology, eschatology, or polity… the two simple statements are enough.  When an exclamation point in used, it signals a bold statement.  Kara is saying in her simple way that God & Jesus are all that is important.  And she makes a very good point.

In the second picture from this past Sunday, The heart (A symbol of love) is surrounded by hearts and is behind the cross with the sun in the background.  Whether she knew it or not, Kara is putting the cross before everything else.  When Jesus is the love of our life… the over abounding love of our life… God’s love fills our life.  The cross is the supreme statement of love (“Greater love has no man than this that he lays down his life for his friends”).  When the cross is as prominent in our lives as it is in this picture, the result is first love for God then love for our fellow man… which by the way are the two great commandments according to Jesus.

These two pictures tell me several things.  First… she has a child’s understanding about what is important (Oh that more adults would get it as she does!).  Second… her mom is teaching her the right things about God… and Kara is getting it!  Third… she is listening to her Sunday School teachers and pastor… and she’s remembering what they say.  Fourth… the seed planted in her is in the process of growing.  One day I believe that seed will sprout and bear fruit that will be evidenced in her conversion.  Last… (A lesson for us adults) Never underestimate how closely young people listen, watch, and follow what we say and do!

I like Kara’s art.  It affirms that God is at work in her life.  It affirms that she is hearing the message of the cross.  It means that there are people around her who are saying, doing, and modeling the right things about God.  And I look forward to what how she will hopefully glorify God as the Spirit continues to work in her to bring about God’s glory.

Thank you Kara!  You are a blessing to your pastor!