Group 1: Pace.  Ga-Momma.  Rhett and Ryan Whitley.  The members of the “Pastor’s Mountain Retreat.”  Group 2: Lillie Carraway.  Bonnie, Larue, Danny, and Ricky Hamilton.  Curtis and Brenda McNeil.  Group 3: Avis Culver.  Roy Hines.  Thelma McHaney.  Leroy Pierce.  Wiley and Irene Spivey.  Eva Williams.  Group 4: Gladys Bagley.  Jane Batey.  Katherine Beard.  Sue Brooks.  Mary Cassidy.  Peggy Catchings.  Jean Chase.  Catherine Christian.  Tommy and Robbie Doyle.  Anthony Humphries.  Keith McCoullough.  Betty Nelson.  Chuck and Barbara Rinehart.  Don and Zandra Sills.  Patrick Syre.  Tiffany Thompson.  Mae Warren.  Venice Waugh.  Nettie Whitley.  Group 5: The members of Woodward Avenue Baptsit Church.

Pam… Amy… Trey… and Britton!

These people… among others… stand out in my mind and have made Christmas special for me over the years.  Most of these people were members of churches I have pastored.  But they were more than congregants, they were my friends.  The gift they gave was themselves… which is the greatest blessing any person can give.

I thank Almighty God for putting so many special people in my life that have made my life better!  The helped me in difficult times and celebrated with me in good times.  When I think of them I smile and say a prayer for their blessing.

I’m reminded of a verse of Scripture found in 2 Timothy 4:8 (Paraphrased), “Now there is in store (for you) the crown of righteousness, which the Lord, the righteous Judge, will award… on that day… (Not only to you, but) to all who have longed for His appearing.”

God bless you all my friends!