I was reading Wade Burleson’s blog when I saw these pictures of a pit bull that attacked a porcupine.  The explanation follows the pictures…

pitbull_vs_porcupine  The pit-bull was set loose by his owner to attack a porcupine that was rooting up the garden in his backyard. The battle lasted about an hour. The pit-bull is known for both his bravery and tenacity; the porcupine is known for the ability to repel attacks. The porcupine lost the battle, but the pit-bull paid a high price.  A veternarian sedated the dog, and then removed a total of 1,347 quills. The dog’s owner now has a garden that is lush and fruitful – thanks to his pit-bull.

  Now for a few reflections…

  Reflection #1: There are some things worth the price no matter how high it is.

  Reflection #2: There are some things that are NOT worth the price, no matter what it is!

  Reflection #3: Weigh the cost before you commit to anything.

  Reflection #4: There comes a time when quitting is the preferred option.

  Reflection #5: There are times when quitting is not an option.

  Reflection #6: Winning may ultimately result in losing.

  Reflection #7: You will have to make the the decisions regarding numbers 1-6.