If we don’t stop and take stock of our life in relation to God then all we’re doing is living for ourselves… and that is sinful.  Consider these thoughts…

God does what He wills… for His glory… in His timing… ALWAYS.

God is God… I’m not.  His will is supreme… mine isn’t.  He is important… I’m a servant.  He knows what He’s doing… I’m clueless.  Isaiah 46:9-10

Being anxious and/or in a hurry does not change God’s timing or will… EVER.

When God is ready for something to happen, it will.  Till then the best (And only) thing Christians can/should do is patiently wait.  Isaiah 40:31

American Christians are not the only people God speaks to NOR are they the only ones He uses.

God is not limited by culture, geographic location, political systems, or anything else that can be named.  He is glorifying His name everywhere, through all things, at all times.

Joy and happiness are truely found in the Lord and not worldly possessions.

Everything in this life will pass away with a fervent heat.  The only things that last are those which are done for the kingdom of God.  It is futile to live for what is not eternal.

It is best to rest in Christ than worry about anything you can name.

Christ IS the resurrection and the life!  Nothing is ever gained by worry, anxiety, or fretting over anything that can be named.

God works in terms of months, years, decades, and centuries more than weeks… days… or hours!

Romans 8:28 really is true!  It is short sighted to think that God must do anything when we expect it.  When the time is right, God brings about His will.  Sometime we’re called to ONLY plant… or ONLY water… or reap the harvest.  GOD is the one that decides which we do.  Our call is to be faith to do what we’re called to do.

Just a few thoughts I brought back from Costa Rica.  Next week I’ll blog on something other than the mission trip… but it will still be in my mind and on my heart!