Nick Saban was recently tapped as the next coach at The University of Alabamaand the firestorm begins.

  In an article by ESPN writer Pat Forde titled “Saban only lied when his lips were moving,”  Mr. Forde wrote… “With Nick Saban en route to a coronation in Tuscaloosa, it’s officially time to change the vocabulary used to describe college coaches. ‘Integrity’ is out. ‘Character’ is out. ‘Teacher’ is out. ‘Leader of men’ is out.  ‘Liar’ is in.”

  ZING!  I’m sure Mr. Forde is omniscient of all that went on in the decision making process as well as being able to read Nick Saban’s rationale for doing all the things he did…  So he has the right to make those judgments.  Snicker, wink…

  But of particular interest is what Miami Dolphins owner Wayne Huizenga said, “It is what it is. I’m not upset, because it’s more involved than what you think.”

  The “It’s more involved than what you think” comment intrigues me and I’d like to explore it for a moment.

Do you know what it is like to be in the middle of a very difficlut life situation and have people asking you all kinds of personal questions that are really none of their business?  I do, and it’s not fun.

Do you know what it is like to be in the middle of having to make a very difficult decision while people push you for answers about things that don’t effect them… yet they are so insensitive they keep demanding answers from you?  I do, and it’s hard… VERY hard.

Do you know what it is like to know that everything you say is being over scrutinized, spun, added to, read into, and then reported unfairly to others by people who just like to talk without really caring how what they say effects you or your family?  I do, and it can get you angry.

The owner of the Dolphins was a man of grace (Unlike ESPN writer Pat Forde).  Mr. Hulzenga recognized that Nick Saban was in a very difficult position.  He DID know the untold story (Unlike ESPN’s Forde) and took the path of being a healer and encourager for an employee {Friend?} who had to make a difficult decision.  I’ve also experienced that personally and am thankful for those who chose the path similar to the Dolphins owner when I needed them.

It’s always been interesting to me that those who don’t know what they’re talking about usually are the most vicious and unmerciful.  It’s been my experience that there are some who justify their reason for existing by feeding off the difficulties and struggles of others (Sports writers?).

My personal thoughts are that in all likelihood Nick Saban found himself in an unexpected, difficult, and unusual situation.  My guess is that he did the best he could at the time given the circumstances he found himself in.  It is possible that he was unprepared for the attitude and questions that were fired at him over coaching at Alabama.  My guess is that there were people who wanted to put him in that position for their own gain… they did… and he fell in to their trap.

What should he have said?  This may come off sounding a little harsh, but people without consciousnesses need tough answers when they push for answers.  Maybe something like this would be good, “The question you ask about coaching at Alabama is actually none of your business.  At the present I’m the coach of the Miami Dolphins.  Therefore the matter is closed and I won’t address it any further.” 

Well wasn’t that aweful pompus of me?!  It’s easy to say what you would do if you were in a situation when you’re not in it.  Maybe that’s why we are told in the Scripture… “Let your yes be yes and your no be no.”  Maybe that’s why it’s written in Scripture, “How you judge others you will be judged.” 

And maybe… just maybe… people should have a little more grace, tact, and patience with others because one day they might need some of those things themselves. 

No it isn’t right to lie.  Yet I think it was Churchill who said, “Sometimes the truth is so precious it has to be protected by a pack of lies.”  I know he was referring to a war situation, but maybe that’s why the Dolphins owner said, “I’m not upset.  It’s more involved than what you think.”

   Update 1/4/07:  And by the way… these are not the rantings of an Alabama fan seeking to justify Nick Saban’s conduct.  These thoughts are mine as the result of being found in a situation similar to his (I hope that came out in my comments).  Indignation wells up in me when people are mistreated.  Had I been blogging when Tommy Tubberville was on the hot seat over job security at Auburn I would have been just as passionate in my defense of him.  My post is not about justifying lying… it is about asking people to think before jumping on a bandwagon when all the facts aren’t known.