Not much of theological nature for today… just a few rules we have around the Ethridge house.  Maybe they can help you some time.  Snicker… Wink!

Rule #1: The Golden Rule… “He who has the gold makes the rules.”  (Special thanks to Anthony Humphries for this one.)

Rule #2: Never turn down a breath mint.  (Should be self explanatory.)

Rule #3: At a buffet don’t fill up on bread and salad, go for the high dollar items… meats and things like that.  (Don’t let them make money off you!)

Rule #4: The driver of the vehicle controls: A} The radio, CD, MP3, and/or movie volume and… B} The temperature. (Gender and age of occupants do not come in to play.  The driver is in complete control at all times.)  Ammendment: The driver MUST have a valid driver’s license for this rule to apply.  Thus, those with a driver’s permit cannot implement this rule.  Cudos to Becky Preston…

Rule #5: No whining!

Rule #6: If there are any questions or objections, refer to rule #1.

If you have any similar life rules, I’d love to consider adding and updating my list.  Just click “Comment” below and the Moderator will forward them to me.