EJ AmyOkay. Did the grandson thing on the last post, but there is a person that shines much more in my heart today. My daughter Amy… “G’s” mom. The pregnancy has not been an easy one, yet she has been a trooper to say the least. Through discomfort, swelling, discomfort, not eating what you want, discomfort, hormones, discomfort, difficulty sleeping and oh… did I mention discomfort? Ames has been through it all with dignity and grace.

I remember the day she was born…. the first time I held her… the joy and love that flooded my heart. All I could do was stare at her and wonder at the gift God had given me and my wife. She has always been a joy for us. Honestly, she never gave us a moment’s trouble. She was (And is) our Punkin. And now she is a mom! Where did the time go?

Only mothers know the stress (Physical and emotional) that bringing a new life into the world takes. This I can tell you, our daughter nailed everything she was supposed to do and more. And now that “G” is here, she has been patient, gracious, and joyful every time someone visited even though she was exhausted and hurting from the C-section (That’s not easy is it moms?). She handled with great strength that “G” was in NICU and couldn’t hold him. I guess it was sometime today that I it finally hit me that my daughter is a lady and a mom. And I am confident she will be both with great honor and dignity.

Gone are the days when I rocked her to sleep… gave her a bottle… held her on my chest in the recliner. Never again will I see her staring out the window waiting for me to come home. I wish I had recorded her saying “I-be-do.” When I leave her house now, she doesn’t wrap herself around my leg begging me not to leave. We no longer do “Eskimo… Butterfly…” I miss those days. Oh do I miss them…

Am I a proud Pop Pop? You bet! But I am a more proud “Dally” as Amy used to say. I am proud of and for my daughter for she is a Christian, a lady and a mom, all by God’s grace.

Amy… Punkin… Your mom and I thank God often in our prayers for you. You were our first and only little girl. Indeed God blessed us when He sent you into our lives. We are confident that you will be a great mother for “G.” We love you! Dad