Are you having a tough time right now?  Is there someone you know that is struggling with a significant burden?  This post might help.

“Just because we don’t see how something CAN be good doesn’t mean it ISN’T good.”  This is probably my favorite quote of all time.  This post is a remembrance for me of God’s mercy, grace, and love during adversity over the space of 29 months.

I’ve lived long enough to have had some major bumps in life’s road and been able to look back years afterward and see God’s providential hand at work.  I’ve lived long enough to understand better that had those bumps NOT happened, I would not have been blessed to the degree I am now.  These bumps came in the form of family, health, friends, and call.

May 20, 2008 was the culmination of events that led to one of life bumps (Which included a previous bump from June of 2005).  At the time I couldn’t understand why events had transpired as they had.  If you saw the movie “The Perfect Storm,” that is what I felt like I was in.  A number of things came together that had they happened individually there would not have been much of a problem.  But that wasn’t God’s will.  Did you get that… those events came together as they did because God willed it.

Had 5/20/08 not happened… I wouldn’t have been the interim pastor of Moulton Baptist Church where I had never before been so affirmed, encourage, and loved as a minister.  Also, had I not been the interim pastor of that particular church, I would not now be the pastor of Huffman Baptist Church where I have never been so quickly loved, trusted, affirmed, and encouraged.  NOTE: It took 5/20/08 to become an interim AND being interim at MBC for 16 months for me to be called to Huffman Baptist Church.  Truly, it was a God thing (As is everything else… I just noticed it here quicker).

My wife Pam helped me more theologically during that time than anyone else.  She told me… “If we believe what we say we believe, how can we be angry with those through whom God is working in our life?”  She was… and still is… right.  In fact she helped me remember something called Enemies As Emissaries Of God’s Grace (Worth reading).

Pam and I then took the process of living through the events that followed (29 months) to remind our children of God’s love… His care… His provision… His sovereignty.  We told them that one day THEY would have adversity, and when it came to remember how He provides for our every need.  I hope they got the lesson.  If not, I’ll remind them again… and again… and again.

To close this post (And I could go on with many testimonies of God’s love and provision) I ask you to listen to this song by Casting Crowns title “Voice of Truth.”  It became one of my life songs in 2005 and still is today.  “Trust in the Lord with all your heart and do not lean on your own understanding!” (Proverbs 3:5).  Father I praise You for Your providence and provision because You alone are God.