mitt_romney.jpgIn the midst of the political discussions for president, religion and faith are center stage again.  In particular Mitt Romney and the Mormon faith are under the spotlight.  Al Sharpton is most recently on the hot seat for intimating that Mormons don’t believe in God (Click here).  I’d disagree with that, but I would say that Mormons do not adhere to Orthodox Christian belief about God.

What follows are a few bullet points of Mormon theology and doctrine that are in contradiction with Orthodox Christianity.  For a quick list of Mormon doctrine with supporting documentation I suggest you click here.  After the first point, what I present is in no particular order of importance.  But when taken together I think Christians will agree that Mormon theolgoy is certianly not consistent with Orthodox Christianity.

  Aside: What you believe DOES MATTER!  For reasons like what we see being worked out in the public arena, our study of The Apostes’ Creed on Sunday nights addresses these current debates and issues that are ever before us.

  Mormon doctrine teaches salvation by something other than faith in Christ… His sinless life, death, burial, and resurrection for the forgiveness of sin.  They believe salvation is the result of living good moral lives and folllowing the teachings of the Mormon Church. 

  Mormons believe Jesus was a god… not THE Creator God of the universe.

  Mormons reject the doctrine of the Holy Trinity.

  Mormon doctrine teaches that Jesus and Lucifer were brothers.

  Mormon doctrine teaches that every person can become a god.  After this life faithful Mormons can inhabit their own planet populated with their own spirit children.

  Mormon doctrine teaches that The Book of Mormon, The Doctrine & Covenants, and The Pearl of Great Price are equal in authority to the Bible.

  Mormons believe in the concept of continuing revelation from God.  In other words, whatever God supposedly tells their current day prophet is equal to the Bible.

  Mormons believe that Jesus appeared to Indians in South America after his resurrection.

  Mormons believe that golden tablets were hidden in New York and found by Joseph Smith who could read the tablets by the use of special glasses.  The translation of these tablets became the Book of Mormon.

  Mormons believe that everyone lived in heaven with God before being born into this life.

  Mormons believe hell is a temporary place where people can repent and still be given access to eternal life in heaven.

In short, Mormon doctrine… theology… and beliefs are not consistent with Orthodox Christianity.  And as such they should not be considered Christians.