Talk about a blessing!  Last night the choir of Moulton Baptist Church presented something different than they’ve ever done before for Christmas.  It was called, “Christmas Blend.”  There was cheesecake, coffee, laughter, and fellowship.  And I must say the entire time was a joyful, fun, and encouraging… in both services (And that’s not just preacher talk either!).

The presentations were at 4:00 PM and the other at 6:00 PM.  Both were attended well with just a few seats not taken at 4:00 PM and standing room only at the 6:00 PM service!  There were more visitors to Christmas Blend than I have seen at Christmas presentations in years.  From my perspective it was one of the better Christmas presentations I’ve been a part of in my years of ministry.

There was fellowship… coffee… cheese cake… laughter… serious reflection… and a call to commitment… all in less than one hour.  I heard many, many good positive, and encouraging comments from those who attended the services.

The choir presented traditional Christmas songs in an upbeat manner and they were well done.  I especially was blessed by Deck The Halls to a celtic arrangement which I’d never heard before.  Sarah Nelson and Jim Crosslin read letters that reminded us of people’s busy-ness and those serving in the armed forces.

Jeff Blevins (Interim Worship Pastor) did a great job of organizing and pulling everything together.  Heather Horner added a special element in the reading of letters that could have been written to anyone there last night.

Overall… this Christmas presentation was the best I’ve been around and am thankful I was there.  Great job all who were involved!!