Jesus Name Wall.jpgI drove to Birmingham today and on the way there and back I listened to messages.  From these I got a few quotes I’d like to pass along to you.  Each one is worth ruminating on for a few minutes individually.

  An unwillingness to evangelize is not being courteous, it is cruelty.

  You are as good at evangelism as you are at friendship.  Evangelism is the supreme act of friendship.

  The difference between faith and doubt is this… Faith is talking to your heart, doubt is listening to your heart.

  Faith is NOT in opposition to thinking.  Thinking leads to greater faith.

  Failure to trust God is an unwillingness to mistrust yourself and a refusal to question the things you have trusted in.

  The difference between Christians and those without faith is what their faith is placed in.  Christians place their faith in Christ… unbelievers place their faith either in themselves or something other than Christ.