We got a call today that every parent dreads getting…

  “Is this Mrs. Ethridge?  My name is Johnny… your son has been in a wreck and the ambulance is on the way.”  Pam: “Is he okay… how bad is he injured?”  Johnny: “He’s awake and talking…” Pam: “Is he okay?”  Johnny: “I think so, would you like to talk to him?”  Pam: “Yes, please…”

To make a short stroy long… Trey was hit in the rear by another driver.  He was wearing his seatbelt and was NOT texting (Thank God for the first one).  He was taken by ambulance with the other car’s occupants to the hospital.  The X-rays of his neck and back didn’t show any problems, so after a shot for pain they released him.

Now that everything’s over… I have some time to reflect…

Reflection 1: Life can change quickly, you never know what a day holds.

Reflection 2: It is a good thing to stay on good terms with everyone because in the time it takes to pick up the phone, you may not be able to talk to them again.

Reflection 3: Always wear your seatbelt (Not a spiritual thought, but very pragmatic).

Reflection 4: Be ready for your own life to end at any moment, we are all but a breath away from eternity.  Knowing Christ is the only way to be prepared for eternity.

Reflection 5: Trust God to take care of your own life and that of everyone else.  He can do it much better than we can.

God… thank you for taking care of my son today.