This post is about God’s comfort during a “Night From Hell.” I relate this because other believers experience traumatic events. My hope is that in hard and difficult times Christians will flee to God knowing He WILL comfort them.

GranaI was awakened at 2:00 AM to my drunk dad, standing over his 92 year old bedridden mother yelling over and over, “Why don’t you just damn die?!” The emotional shock and horror of that event still grieves me years later. I tried to get him to sit down, but he wouldn’t. I tried to get him to be quiet, but he cussed me. I tried everything think I could think of… and he got worse. Finally he passed out in a chair. I’ll never forget Grana saying about her firstborn son, “It’s okay. That’s not him… it’s the whiskey talking.” Only the love of a mother. Grana was indeed a precious lady.

I couldn’t go back to sleep. I had to get Grana out of that abusive situation and my dad into rehab… but how?! If you don’t know, it is virtually impossible to get into a nursing home unless the patient is in the hospital. Then I was clueless how to get my dad into a rehab facility against his will. For the first time in my life I was at the proverbial end of my rope… without a knot.

Mom was with me and I told her I had to get away. I went into a bedroom with my Bible… holding it like a teddy bear. For 45 minutes I quoted every verse I could.  Ro 8:1Phil 4:13Ps 37:4Pr 3:5, etc.

Over and over I cried out… “God I need you. Reveal Yourself to me. Come by my side. In Your Word you said… Draw near to you and you’ll draw near to me… please make it so!  Without you I’m nothing. But You ARE God… I trust You… I believe You… I love You… I praise You. You are my King & Savior! I need YOU!”  I prayed Eph 3:20 several times… passionately, “God, (You) are able to do exceeding & abundantly above all that (I) ask or imagine, according to the power at work (in me).”  I just prayed the verse, no requests to petitions.

Eventually I came out out of the bedroom, exhausted and honestly… not feeling much better. Then the phone rang. It was hospice. They told me they found a room for my grandmother… she could move in that day. I was also able to get my dad into the hospital at the same time. God did those things without me asking for them!

The point: God knew what I needed (Ro 8:26-27). I sought GOD for who He is & nothing else.  Thus Luke 12:29-31…

Do not seek what you are to eat & what you are to drink, nor be worried. For all the nations of the world seek after these things, & your Father knows that you need them. Instead, seek His kingdom, & these things will be added to you.

It is in our crisis that we need God. Not as a spiritual Santa Clause or 911… but as the sovereign God of the universe who holds all things in His hand of providence.  The one “WHO IS ABLE to do exceeding & abundantly above all we ask or imagine…” The more pressing the need, the more God Himself is the answer.