If you want God to help you, don’t get mad when He does it how He deems best.  When you ask God to bless you… your family… to guide, direct, and deliver you (Or your family)… don’t get angry when He answers your prayer His way!  Or at least be honest enough with yourself and Him to admit that what you really want is for God to do those things YOUR WAY.

A major source of discontentedness is not liking the way God does things.  We want things to work out the way they did on “Highway To Heaven.”  A little issue here or there… but everything is resolved in less than an hour with as little pain as possible.  Then everyone smiles while driving off into the sunset in an old jalopy.  Just one problem: God doesn’t work that way.  Instead…

First… God works in terms of decades, centuries, millennia, and eternity (Not hours, weeks, or months).  Get used to waiting.

Second… God is more concerned with holiness, godliness, and sanctification than temporary physical or emotional comfort (Somebody I read said this, I just don’t remember who or I’d give them credit).

Third… God’s ways are NOT our ways and His thoughts are NOT our thoughts (Isaiah 55:8-9).  So don’t expect Him to do things anywhere close to the way you expect them to happen!

Fourth… When you pray, keep in your mind and heart that God knows better than you do what is best for you.

Last… When you pray, trust God that He is smarter… wiser… and knows better than you how to accomplish what is best for you!

Therefore, when it comes to asking God for help… remember He isn’t your butler… errand boy… Santa Clause… NOR a paid consultant.  He is GOD… the Sovereign of the Universe… Creator, King, Lord, and Master.  If you want GOD to work in your life… pray and then trust Him.  If you aren’t ready for that OR Him to do things HIS way, you may want to rethink things a little.