Paris Hilton (Well known “Bad girl”) is on her way to jail and guess what one of the books she’s taking for reading material is?  THE BIBLE!  Click here to read the article.  I would have included the full picture of her carrying it… but it was a little too risque (Imagine that?!). 

  I wonder what is going through her mind?  I wonder if she is really seeking God?  I wonder if this is just another publicity stunt?  I wonder if a few weeks from now she will come out and say she is now a Christian?  I wonder which TV evangelist would be the first to put her on TV if she does come out and say she is a Christian?

  Only time will tell.  I hope and pray that she DOES really seek God and that He will reveal himself to her.  Again… only time will tell.

  Still… I try to imagine Paris Hilton reading “Thou shalt not commit adultery,” and “The marriage bed must remain undeflied,” and “Honor God and He will honor you.”  Then I wonder what she will be thinking as she lays on her bed after eating a balogna and cheese sandwich…