I had something happen Sunday that reminded me of a gage I’ve used in the past to evaluate my participation in worship.  When we got through with the first set of singing praises to God, I was starting to sweat… my heart was beating fast… my breaths per minute had increased… and I felt good!

  Dr. Ray Pritchard was standing next to me and at one point said something like… “This is good worship!” to which I responded… “Yeah… and it’s work!”  By the way… Ray loves to really sing out when he worships.

  I believe one of the greatest things we can do is worship God in the company of other believers.  It is THE best preview of what heaven will be like.  Worship IS what the angels do now in heaven continually (Isaiah 6:2-4; Revelation 4:6-11).  In heaven, we will worship God in ways we can’t fathom now!  If that thought doesn’t captivate your soul, then you have not experienced the kind of worship I’m talking about.  And I have a great desire for you to experience what I’m referring to.

  Worship is a verb… not an adjective!  Worship is a reflection of our daily walk with God.  Worship is not to be observed from the pew, but rather something we actively participate in.  Worship involves our whole being… soul, spirit, emotions, and body.  Worship results in endorphins and adrenlin being released into our bodies.  Worship is work… and that is good!

  Granted, there are times when worship is best expressed in silence and contemplation.  But I don’t think that should happen every time we worship God.  I think both expression and relfection are essential elements of worship.  At times I should produce “Holy sweat” when I worship… and sometimes to utter even a word is improper.  Regardless of which kind of worship I participate in, the result should be… “My what an AWESOME God we serve!”