TVCLast week a friend of mine forwarded to me an email from her church that troubled her. Her pastor had been asked to resign and rather than the email answer questions, it only made her upset (And upon reading it, I agreed with her). The email stated there were no moral failures, he was a Godly man, and there was nothing heretical that led to the decision to ask for his resignation… but for some un-named reason, he was asked to resign.

Then yesterday my friend sent me a link where the lead pastor directly addressed the situation to the congregation. I began listening with trepidation and a tinge of defensive anger. But then the unexpected happened. The pastor was completely transparent to a degree I have never… NEVER… heard (Or personally experienced) regarding a minister being asked to resign.

I could recount it all for you, but I encourage you to watch and listen for yourself. This took place at The Village Church where a man I greatly respect is the lead pastor… Matt Chandler. Follow the link below and forward to the 7:45 mark for his description of the events (It ends at the 17:05 mark).

Again… THIS church and their leadership got it right. They did everything they should have. God will be praised and glorified by how The Village Church handled this situation! I pray that this would become the standard followed in all difficult staff situations as it is soundly Biblical, Redemptive, Gracious, and Merciful.


Update 7/3/14: From my friend, the minister decided not to stay on staff at The Village Church, but to continue attending as part of the Covenant Fellowship at this time. Personally, his decision is a powerful proof of the grace and mercy the leadership showed him and his family. I don’t know of another situation anywhere when a minister was asked to resign that he chose to continue worshiping where he served. Praise God!