ppThe majority of what God expects of a Preacher/Pastor is not seen by the congregation. Not only that, what congregations WANT to see in their pastor is not necessarily what God expects of him.  So indulge me briefly while I pull back the curtain a little.

When a pastor doesn’t cheat (By that I mean copy someone else’s sermons OR get them from a book they’re reading), he will spend many hours in study, prayer, reflection, writing, and editing the messages. And if a man can’t preach or teach effectively, he has no business preaching (2 Tim 2:24. Comment: Those who can’t preach make a big to-do about their superior “pastoral” skills.). To present a sound Biblical message requires upward of 10+ hours in study, prayer, and writing. Most preachers are expected to present 3 messages a week (Sunday AM, Sunday PM, Wednesday night). If the pastor is not proficient in delivering God’s Word through preaching he is not qualified for ministry.

When a pastor follows Scripture, he devotes himself to only two things… prayer and ministry of the Word (Teaching and preaching). All other things are unnecessary distractions from God’s call. Church members attempt to turn that on it’s head by demanding he attend every event, visit every hospital, visit every visitor, be a great CEO, effective Administrator, never have a bad day or be in a negative mood.

When a pastor loves God, The Truth, and people, he will be spend much time in prayer as part of his work day. A good place to start for a pastor’s prayer life is at least 1-2 hours a day.

When a pastor has his priorities in order, he will not allow church life or members to infringe or shortchange his wife or children. As it has been rightly said, God is first… Family is second… the local congregation is third. As he is able, a loving shepherd will tend to the emotional and spiritual needs of the congregation… but he will not allow the important to take the place of the essential.

A pastor’s workweek is much more difficult than most people realize. Personally, my experience is that up to 60 hours is a normal week. To think that pastors only work Sunday and Wednesday is off the mark.