I found this on a friend of mine’s blog.

The following is a list of 10 things you do NOT need to preach the Gospel.

#10 You do NOT need a FOLLOWING to preach the gospel.

Athletes have followers, as do rock stars and actors.  True believers follow the Gospel, not preachers.

#9 You do NOT need a “LOOK” to preach the gospel.

And what is the “look” today?  Try whacked out hair, disheveled clothes, a Christian-appearing tattoo and some cool eyewear and you’ve got the “look”.  Preachers of the Gospel do not worry about the coolness of their appearance.

#8 You do NOT need a STYLE to preach the Gospel.

The Gospel message is about content, not style.  Preachers of the Gospel do not dwell on technique.  They work on content.

#7 You do NOT need TECHNOLOGY to preach the Gospel.

The message is what matters, not the medium.

#6 You do NOT need PERSUASIVE SPEECH to preach the Gospel.

It is not the preacher’s job to convince.  That which persuades is the Holy Spirit who works through the Gospel.

#5 You do NOT need an OUTGOING PERSONALITY to preach the Gospel.

Some of the kingdom’s most Gospel-centered preachers are introverts.

#4 You do NOT need LARGE CROWDS to preach the Gospel.

A large crowd is not the measure of the Gospel’s effectiveness.  Even a circus can attract a crowd.  The effectiveness of the Gospel is measured in its faithful communication.

#3 You do not need the APPROVAL of others to preach the Gospel.

“If I were still trying to please man, I would not be a servant of Christ” (Galatians 1:10).

#2 You do NOT need MAN-CENTERED MESSAGES to preach the Gospel.

The power is in the Gospel: the power that saves, that raises the dead, that meets needs, that remakes the world.

#1 You do NOT need WHAT THE WORLD SAYS YOU NEED to preach the Gospel.

To preach the Gospel, the communicator needs a good grasp of God’s Word, a clear understanding of the Gospel doctrine and a call from God to proclaim it.