Time for a little break from all the seriousness… so this post has levity.

It never ceases to amaze me how adept we all are at rationalizing the things we do.  We can justify doing just about anything we want to do even when we know it is wrong, counterproductive, or just plain sin!  There is not a single person alive who doesn’t rationalize and/or justify their conduct at some time.

We hear or say things like… “You don’t know how tough my home life was!”  “You don’t know what my spouse is like!”  “You don’t know what kind of boss I have.”  “I just have so much pressure at work.”  “That person did it to me first.”  “I just temporarily lost my mind.”  “Oh you just know me… that’s the way I am!”

“I may have embezzled or lied… but I love my momma.”  “I may have cheated or gossipped or treated people wrong… but I sing in the choir!”  “I may not always be nice or treat others fairly… but I teach Sunday School.”   “I may have committed murder… but I don’t beat my wife!”  As if what we do that is “good” outweighs our conscious sin…

Below is one of the funniest videos I’ve seen that illustrates our propensity to justify and rationalize our conduct.  It comes with a PG-13 rating because the “H-E- Double Hockey Sticks” word is used.  See if you find others around you rationalizing and justifying their conduct like the man in this video.  We may even see ourselves as we watch and snicker… (Ouch!).