MountOlivesOn death row in prison when a man is walking to be executed he is referred to as a “Dead man walking.” Those about to be executed are sometimes given a last meal of their choosing, they are asked if they have any last requests, and are given the chance to say their final words. After the Passover Meal with the Apostles, Jesus… the “Dead man walking”… sang a hymn. The following is written in Matthew 26:30…

And when they had sung a hymn, they went out to the Mount of Olives. (Mt of Olives today from Jerusalem)

Imagine singing while standing before a firing squad, or on a platform with a noose around your neck, or lying on a gurney with a poison I.V. in your vein, or sitting in an electric chair? If you KNEW your life was about to be taken from you in a violent manner… what would be thinking about? What would you be doing? There’s no way to know because until you are IN a situation, you don’t know what you’d do. We do know they were deeply troubled that week because Jesus told them, “Let not your hearts be troubled!” Still, in the midst of anxiety, Jesus and the Apostles sang a hymn.

We don’t know what the hymn was, it could have been one of the Psalms. Still the fact remains that they sang. Jesus sang. What are we to think about this? Consider a few things for reflection…

It is right to worship God in all situations regardless of what they may be… and singing is appropriate.

It is good to worship with fellow believers in every situation… including the most difficult of times.

Embracing God’s will results in praising Him… because life is to glorify Him in all things at all times.

Because “Greater is He that is in you than he that is in the world” you can worship and sing to God in all situations.

Because you can “Do all things through Christ who strengthens you,” you will be able to worship in the day of adversity.

As David worshiped God after his child died, you too can worship God always because Christ is in you!

“They sang a hymn” is a reminder to every Christian to worship God in all things, for His glory.