Stealth Attack.jpgI just got through reading Dr. Ray Pritchard’s new book Stealth Attack: Protecting Yourself Against Satan’s Plan To Destroy Your LIfe.  My suggestion… Get the book and read it by clicking here.

Allow me a few reflections on the book that might help encourage you to purchase it.

The first thing I noticed is the ease with which I was able to read the book.  While full of theology and truth, it is not written in a style that only seminary trained theologians can understand.  Dr. Pritchard is able to communicate deep truth about the spiritual war without making the reader work to understand what he has written.

The next thing I noticed was how logical he organized his thoughts.  He begins with an introduction that explains how Satan is already defeated but is still able to war against Christians.  Dr. Pritchard calls this asymmertical warfare.  As the insurgents in Iraq can’t defeat the U.S. head to head, they can be so pesky that we give up.  This is how we should understand Satan’s attacks.  He was defeated at the cross… ultimately he cannot win… but he can pester us with his firey darts while roaring like a lion.  He follows that line of thinking in each chapter revealing more and more about the spiritual war, and concludes in a manner that perfectly sums up the victory Christ has given every believer.

The practical elements of Stealth Attack are found throughout the book.  Dr. Pritchard discusses how to fight our own temptations by examining Adam and Eve’s temptation.  Then in every chapter theology is perfectly balanced with practical suggestions for Christian living to overcome Satan’s attacks.  This is one of my favorite things about the book because it is found in every chapter.

Ray Pritchard.jpg  Dr. Pritchard helps his readers grasp the invisible element of Satan’s war on us by discussing Daniel 10 in light of Ephesians 6:12.  There is a real battle… a war… that exists between Satan and his demons against God and His angels.  It is at this point that the author does a masterful job of reminding believers of the seriousness of our spiritual call to resist the devil in order for him to flee.

  One more thing I liked about the book was the wealth of illustrations (That’s the preacher in me).  I was specially moved when he wrote about an event when Voodoo priests were at a service while he preached in Hati.  Here’s the point, throughout the book the reader will reflect upon situations where they have encountered Satanic opposition.  It may not have been as blatant as Voodoo priests dressed in red, but it will be real none the less.

  My favorite was Chapter 8… Singing Your Way To Victory.  The main text examined is 2 Chronicles 20:13-23 about sining and Israel’s victory in war (Click here to read it!).  I won’t recount everything… just consider the chapter sub-titles: Singing… Loudly!; Invading The Devil’s Territory; The Doxology and The Devil; Let The Pastors Sing; and my favorite… Drive The Devil Nuts!  The point of the chapter is that singing praises to God makes Satan cower in fear and run.  Wow… I’m going to sing more and louder.

Conclusion… This has been one of the more enjoyable and practial books I’ve read in a long time.  I wish I could get everyone to purchase a copy and read it.  Short of that, there is a great chance (probability) that I will use it as a basis to teach the congregation I pastor about the spiritual war we are in AND how to defeat Satan!

Thank you Dr. Pritchard!  Book well done!