Past all the political pundits who wrangle with words and time tables regarding Iraq… there are men and women who put their lives on the line every day for us.  I admit that I am fiercely patriotic and supportive of all our armed forces.  Thus the purpose of this post.

  I have a friend in Oxford, Alabama who served as a chopper pilot in Vietnam.  He still today bears the psychological wounds from his tours of duty there.  In addition, he is a believer who loves the Lord and has a passion for the Faith.  So when he sent me a link titled “How a Marine says goodbye,” I knew it would be powerful.

  So for every person who loves our country and supports our troops, I suggest watching a short video that is about how they say goodbye.  It will remind us all to be praying for them… wherever they are… as they protect our country and national interests.

Click here to watch the video…

Thank you specially goes to James Preston (USA Ret MWO-4) for sending me this link.