The term “going viral” means that something spreads quickly.  This is true of sin’s effects.  It is IMPOSSIBLE to sin and others not be effected.  Every time one person commits a sin, others are ALWAYS effected.  Consider a few examples…

Adam and Eve. Because these two people at the fruit of the tree God forbade them from eating, they died and the effects of their sin has infected every person who has ever livedwithout exception.

Achan. Because this one man took a few trinkets he was forbidden to take, the Israelites lost a battle… 36 men died (Which means 36 widows and their children left without a dad)… and then Achan’s family was executed for their sin.

David. Consider two from his life. First: Because David committed adultery with Bathsheba… A) He’d be at war till he died, B) A member of his family would rise against him, C) His wives would be raped in public, D) His child with Bathsheba would die.  Second: Because David disobeyed God with a census of fighting men… 70,000 men died at the hand of an angel.

Make no mistake about it.  No person can sin and it NOT effect others.  A husband’s sin will effect his wife, children, friends, and co-workers.  Every time we sin, the effects have a ripple effect to all those who know and interact with us… as was illustrated above.

But God Is Merciful! Not only is sin viral… but so is God’s mercy and forgiveness.  Consider these passages of Scripture:

Unbelieving spouse because of the believing spouse.  I see this as God granting special mercy to the unbeliever because of the presence of the believer.  The term “holy” means “set apart” and does NOT in this context have to do with salvation, but that God treats the unbeliever in a special way because of the believer.

Because of Jesus, God grace is granted to all who believe!  In the same way that sin was viral because of Adam, so too salvation is viral because of Jesus.

As sin effects many when it is committed, so too does righteousness effect many when it is displayed in the world.  When a believer lets their light shine, God is glorified.  When a Christian lives for Jesus at work, there is a positive ripple effect.  When God’s Word is spoken, it does not return empty.

Everything we do… good or evil… has consequences and effects others.  The question is… What will be the ripple effect of our conduct and words today?