The Christian faith, life, and theology seems to be stocked full of contradictions.

To be great, you must be the least (Lk 9:48).  The first, shall be last (Mt 20:16).  To save your life you must lose it (Mark 8:35).  The meek shall inherit the earth (Mt 5:5).  The race is not always to the swift, the battle to the strongest, nor riches to the intelligent (Ecc 9:11).

Jesus was the King of Contradictions.  He came not as a conquering king, but as a baby born to a poor couple.  He didn’t have a powerful army, just 12 young men who were ignorant and unlearned (Ac 4:13).  He wasn’t handsome (Is 53:2).  He didn’t live in a palace.  He didn’t start a revolution.  When people tried to make Him king, he walked away (Jn 6:15).

Contradictions abound when it comes to living the Christian life.  When someone slaps us, we turn the other cheek  (Mt 5:39).  If our enemy is hungry, we feed him (Ro 12:20a).  If our enemy is thirsty, we give them something to drink (Ro 12:20b).  If we’re are forced to carry a load one mile, we carry it two (Mt 5:41).  If someone asks us for our coat, we give them our coat and the shirt off our back (Mt 5:40).

What kind of contradictions do people see in us?  Do they see a contradiction between the way the world would act in our situation and the way we actually do conduct ourselves… or do they see a contradiction between what we say we believe and the things we do.  The question is not IF there is a contradiction in our life, but what kind of contradiction is present in our life?!

The King Of Contradictions (Jesus) said… the last to cross the finish line will win; the beggars will be millionairs some day, and the humble ones are going to have their say.  His philosophy is more unique!  He says we’ll be stronger when we’re weak. (From the song, “My Finest Hour” by Matthew West.)

As Christians, we are called to live an upside down life.  We’re called to do what is unexpected by the world.  We’re to live in such a way that those who observe us ask us why we act the way we do!  If we’re living like the rest of the world… doing what they’d do if they were in our shoes… if we sound, act, and look like those who are not saved… then we need to change the contradictions people see so that Jesus is reflected in everything we do!

What contradictions are there in our lives?