PerfectThe post last Thursday addressed my frustration over how my ministry family has been treated by individuals in congregations. One friend reminded me there ARE sheep! And they are right… in the church there ARE sheep, there IS wheat. These individuals are much more numerous than goats or tares, they’re just not as vocal.

Larue & Danny… Wiley & Irene… Nettie, Robbie, Ron, & Amp… Grover, Mark, Joan, & Clyde… Jim & Roxie… Spence & Don… and another 100 I could name!

Those people are representative of people who bless ministers. They are encouragers, prayer partners, helpers, defenders, and friends. Sheep are unlike wolves, they are usually quiet and peaceful. They rarely complain or criticize. They find ways to be helpful and supportive. They are always trying to be part of the solution rather than the problem. Sheep are the reason ministers have hope God continues to work in His people.

If there were a church full of people like those above, it would be worth paying them to be their under-shepherd (Rather than being paid to serve them). Because I know those above, and many more like them, I’m confident the church would be peaceful. I’m confident when a disagreement came up, there would be a servant attitude that sought reconciliation and restoration rather than division or accusations. When I picture those people, and those like them, they are smiling. They have a positive and encouraging word. They are a joy to be around. They think of others before themselves.

I guess a congregation where everyone was like the ones I’m thinking of does not exist… yet. But one day it will. One day God will separate the sheep from the goats. His people will be gathered together and live forever in His presence. Until then, I like to spend my time and energy being around those who bear much fruit and so prove themselves to be disciples! God bless His sheep!!